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ShopBlue is a fully integrated eProcurement system allowing authorized UB faculty and staff to place orders for necessary goods and services.

UBITName and password is required.

ShopBlue Training

Register for training and log in to the test site to learn how to navigate ShopBlue.

About ShopBlue

ShopBlue electronically routes items through ordering stages, providing a trackable, one-stop shopping experience. 

Using ShopBlue

Find step-by-step instructions on how to complete tasks in ShopBlue by user role. 

User Roles in ShopBlue

There are 2 user roles in ShopBlue — Requester and Approver. Your access to ShopBlue will depend on your role.

Navigation Key and Guides

Become familiar with the ShopBlue interface.


Navigation Map and Icons

Punch-Out Supplier Navigation


Review instructional videos to learn how to use ShopBlue.

Glossary of Terms


Get Help Using ShopBlue

For help using ShopBlue e-procurement system, contact:

ShopBlue System Support

Phone: 716-645-4500