ShopBlue e-Procurement System

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ShopBlue is a fully integrated eProcurement system allowing authorized UB faculty and staff to place orders for necessary goods and services.

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ShopBlue Training

Register for training and log in to the test site to learn how to navigate ShopBlue.

About ShopBlue

ShopBlue electronically routes items through ordering stages, providing a trackable, one-stop shopping experience. 

Using ShopBlue

Find step-by-step instructions on how to complete tasks in ShopBlue by user role. 

User Roles in ShopBlue

There are 2 user roles in ShopBlue — Requester and Approver. Your access to ShopBlue will depend on your role.

Navigation Key and Guides

Become familiar with the ShopBlue interface.



Navigation Map and Icons

Punch-Out Supplier Navigation


Review instructional videos to learn how to use ShopBlue.

Glossary of Terms


Get Help Using ShopBlue

For help using ShopBlue e-procurement system, contact:

ShopBlue System Support

Phone: 716-645-4500