Search Completed Purchase Orders

Completed purchase orders that have not been closed, fully received, and fully matched, may require additional action. A shared search has been created to allow you to easily run a search for these orders.

How to Search for POs Not Fully Received, Fully Matched, and Closed

Search for Completed Purchase Orders [2:28]

1. Log into ShopBlue

Log into the ShopBlue system (Figure 1).  

2. Click on Manage Searches

From the ShopBlue home screen, click on the user icon (person) in the top right corner, then click Manage Searches (Figure 2).

3. Navigate to Shared Searches

From Manage Searches, navigate to Shared -> UB - ShopBlue Support (Figure 3).

4. Click on Export

Click on the Purchase Orders Completed saved search Export option to export the search records (Figure 4).

5. Submit Export

The Export Purchase Orders dialog box will be displayed. Click Submit to run the Excel export and view all purchase orders meeting the search criteria where you have been granted access (Figure 5).

Note: if you do not have permissions to view an order you will not be able to view or export the order.

6. Click on Manage Search Exports

Next, a pop-up box will be displayed indicating that the export was successfully created. Click on the Manage Search Exports link inside the pop-up box to access the created export (Figure 6).

7. Click on Purchase Orders Completed

From Manage Search Exports click on the report title, Purchase Orders Completed, to launch the report that you just created. The export will open in Excel (Figure 7).

8. View Report in Excel

Click on the Excel column filter for Order Owners and select the specific owner records that you would like to view (Figure 8).