Environment and Safety

UB prides itself with its research achievements, our record of safety and compliance with best laboratory practices. Each of us has a role in our own personal safety as well.

  • 12/11/20
    Find guidance and support to meet the goal of having safe laboratory and research facilities.
  • 3/23/20
    UB strives to have safe work places for all faculty, staff and students. Be proactive — know and follow safety protocols.
  • 3/23/20
    Our mission is to foster an atmosphere in which human health and the university environment are safeguarded through education, regulatory compliance, and natural resource preservation and management.
  • 5/14/18
    This Hazard Communication and Right-to-Know online training program is intended for the entire New York State workforce and provides information employees need to know concerning the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard, also called HCS or HazCom, and the New York State Right-to-Know Law. The responsibilities of supervisors, managers and other administrators in complying with the HazCom and Right-to-Know Law are described.