Traveling for Business

Businessman, luggage and travel while walking in airport or station for company trip or international flight. Corporate person with international traveling, suitcase and employee in airport terminal.
Preapproval is Required for All UB Faculty and Staff Travel

University faculty and staff must get preapproval from their supervisor before traveling overnight. A new electronic preapproval request system through Concur replaces the old paper form, making the process more efficient for both travelers and units.

Travel Status Definition

An employee is engaged in university business at a distance more than 35 miles from the designated official station and place of residence.

Know What Is Reimbursable

Some travel expenses are not reimbursable. See examples of non-reimbursable expenses.

Emergency Assistance

If you need emergency assistance while in travel status, please call the local police in that area and UBPD, (716) 645-2222.

International Travel Insurance

  • For travel with state funds: CHUBB International Advantage is available for SUNY faculty and staff.
  • For travel with Research Foundation funds: GeoBlue is available to individuals (other than independent contractors) traveling on official RF business.