Before and During Your Trip

Ensure you're ready to travel by reviewing University at Buffalo's policies and procedures and, when you return, submit all necessary paperwork for reimbursement. 

Prepare for Your Trip

  • If you are new to UB or just want a review of the travel policies and procedures, fill out the Travel Training Request form and we can meet with you for a personal training session.
  • Be sure you have approval to travel. Check with your departmental administrator to find out your limits.
  • Familiarize yourself with UB's travel guidelines.
  • Be prepared. Determine which resources you will need to ensure your travel is relatively untroubled.
  • Check travel warnings from agencies such as the State DepartmentTSA and New York State
  • Identify which forms, including NYS or other tax-exempt forms, you’ll need for your travel.
  • Travelers should obtain the lowest cost coach equivalent accommodations available. You may be asked to present a cost comparison. Direct routes must be chosen considering time and cost, not the traveler's convenience. 
  • Both the State and Research Foundation offer international travel assistance for anyone traveling on business for the state or on a Research Foundation grant. Please contact Meg Mitchell for more information on these programs.

Make Photocopies

   • Passport ID page.
   • Foreign visa.
   • Itinerary.
   • Hotel confirmation.
   • Airline ticket.
  • Driver's license.

Tracking Travel Spending

  • Review the Travel Documentation Checklist for what forms you will submit for reimbursement.
  • Use a Travel Receipts Envelope to help you keep track of your receipts during your trip.
  • Travel reimbursements must be requested in U.S. dollars. Use the Oanda Currency Converter for exchange rates. The date of the receipt/purchase or last date of travel is used to determine the exchange rate.
  • Include all the requested information so there is no delay in processing.

Know What Is Reimbursable
Some travel expenses are not reimbursable. See examples of non-reimbursable expenses.

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