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Students from all academic disciplines build career skills while contributing to the business of running UB and receiving a paycheck.

Finding a Job at UB

Finding a job or internship opportunities at UB is knowing where to look or whom to ask:

  1. Ask your department if they offer jobs
  2. Visit Career Services to get job-seeking help, jobs or internships
  3. Check out some other departmental opportunities:

College Work-Study

The Federal College Work-Study program provides employment opportunities for students in various offices on campus and in community service agencies to students who are invited to participate because of financial need.

Managing Student Employment



Your Address

Your address in UB's employment records is separate from your student records. When you change your address, be sure to change both records

  1.  Log in to MyUB
  2. Select Student Center
  3. Select Contact Information

When you leave UB don't forget to change your employment address as well as your address at HUB so that you can receive your W-2 statements.

Training Available

Your departmental employer may have training required for your job. In addition, you may find these recommended, online courses helpful to you:


All employees are responsible for reporting state and federal earnings.  

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