Relocation Services

Departments who have extended offers to new faculty or staff are required to use UB's new relocation services provider for eligible relocations.

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Employees are eligible to participate in this new program if they are relocating domestically and are also US citizens or US permanent residents.

If the employee is eligible, then the department should initiate a request for relocation services. When the request from is completed please make sure to have the following:

Relocation Process and Expenses


Contact an Expert

For Relocation Services

Peter Logiudice.

Peter Logiudice

Wellness and Work Life Balance

Phone: 716-645-1528


Michele Poitras.

Michele Poitras

Wellness and Work Life Balance

Phone: 716-645-4457


Amy Myszka.

Amy Myszka


Benefits and Work Life Balance

Phone: 716-645-5357


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