Mailing Services

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Let us print your document and have it mailed to your mailing list — we can do the whole process.   

What the Service Includes

  • Printing materials for the mailing including: letterhead, envelopes, brochures, flyers, etc.
  • Sorting your address list for either off-campus or on-campus distribution. See address list specifications below
  • Addressing and labeling your mail piece
  • Sorting and packaging for delivery to either the Post Office or Campus Mail

Bulk Mail Service

Print Services is the preferred vendor for preparing your bulk mail. 

  • The department must send the Campus Mail Services Request form and a copy of the mail piece to Campus Mail so that your account is charged.
  • Print Services will prepare your mailing for delivery to either the Post Office or UB Campus Mail. 

Address List Specifications

U.S. Postal address files must contain the following information in five separate fields:
(Additional fields such as position or department may be included if desired).

  1. Mailing name with or with out title, e.g:  Mr. John Jones, or John Jones  
  2. Street address
  3. City
  4. State
  5. Zipcode

Because of U.S. Post Service sorting requirements, City, Street and Zip code must be in separate  fields.  If they aren't, we will need to take extra time to separate them, and this may result in an extra charge for that time.  A second street address or name may be added if further information is needed.  For example, there may be a company name, and then the street address, each on its own line.

Campus Mailings must include the following four fields:  (Additional fields such as position or department may be included if desired.)

  1. Mailing name with or without title
  2. Room number
  3. Building (not abbreviated as bldg.)
  4. Campus

Room number and building must be in separate fields, or we will need to separate them. This may result in an additional charge.

Send us your entire database as one uniform file on one disk, with an obvious file name. Label the disk or file with its contents and your name, department and phone number. Please check the following list before sending the file.

  1. Information in all fields must be consistent for all records. e.g. if record 1 has five data fields (NAME, ADDRESS, APT.#, CITY, STATE, ZIP) then all records should have those fields, even if they are blank.
  2. For your address database, the following software formats are preferred:
  • dBase (.dbf)
  • MS Excel.(.xls)
  • MS Access (.mdb)
  • ASCII/Text file (comma delimited, *.csv or *.txt)
  • The following formats can also be used, but may require additional preparation:

                i. Word Perfect 5.1 to 6.0 file

                ii. MS Word 6.0 to 97

To help us serve you in the most efficient manner possible, please remember:

  • In text files, DELIMIT every field in every record on the disk, e.g. separate each record field with a comma; empty fields will then be ", ,".
  • IDENTIFY each data field and note their lengths on the accompanying database layout sheet.
  • COUNT the total number of records in the file and indicate that on the accompanying database layout sheet.
  • SEPARATE campus mail from U.S. Mail into two files (the two databases can be on the same disk but if so note that on the disk and on the database layout sheet).

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