Campus Mail Services Request

Wait! Please Read the Following Stipulations About Using Campus Mail:

Do any of the items you plan on mailing contain anything fragile, liquid, perishable, or potentially hazardous, including lithium batteries and perfume?

If your package is FRAGILE: 

You will need to clearly mark the package fragile, and you are strongly encouraged to purchase shipping insurance to match the replacement value.

If your package contains LIQUIDS:

Your package must be clearly marked that it contains liquids.  By submitting the Campus Mail Service Request, you affirm that the liquid contents are contained and properly packaged following all USPS rules.  Details available online at

If your package contains anything PERISHABLE:

If your package is perishable, it must be marked accordingly, and expedited shipping is recommended.  Please review USPS guidelines associated with shipping perishables.

If you are shipping something POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS including lithium batteries and perfume:

This package must be brought by the sender directly to a local United States Post Office to determine if the item is able to be mailed.

By continuing and having Campus Mail ship your items, you affirm that it meets all USPS shipping guidelines and standards.