Electronic Requisition (eReq)

UB faculty and staff use eRequisition System (eReq) to create an electronic requisition to purchase goods and services with state or Research Foundation (RF) funds.   

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Access eReq From Off Campus

If you are working remotely or just need to access eReq from an off-campus location, use the UB virtual private network (UBVPN).

Learn How to Connect to UBVPN From Off-campus

Getting Started with eReq

What is an eReq? A web-based application used for processing purchase requisitions and viewing their current status  
Who can create an eReq? Every faculty or staff member can create a requisition  
What is an Approver? The role assigned to eReq program users who authorize purchase requisitions  
Who should be an Approver?
Any faculty and staff who is going to approve a requisition and send it to Purchasing  

Use the Quick Guide to learn about eReq

Get Authorized to Approve State eReqs

For state accounts, you will need to submit an authorization form to set up Approval Groups and identify each individual Approver in those groups. Any faculty and staff can create eReqs, but prior authorization is required to be an approver for state accounts. RF Principal Investigators (PIs) are automatically authorized to approve their own RF accounts without further action. 

Research Foundation Delegation

Principal Investigators are automatically authorized to approve their own accounts. For special cases, the purchasing authority can be delegated to other individuals. 

Read the eReq RF Approval Instructions

See My eReq Orders

You can view your past eReqs in SIRI. Don't have access to SIRI? Learn how to request access.

Search the UB Supplier File

You can search our UB Supplier File to learn if a particular supplier is already in our database. The supplier file can also be accessed in the Supplier tab in eReq.   

Ordering Instructions Definitions

No Special Instructions: select this option when the other ordering instructions do not apply to your eReq.

Blanket Order: This is a special kind of purchase order used in unique situations. Buyers in the Purchasing department will evaluate your needs to determine if a blanket order is the best course of action.

Standing Order: A standing order is a type of purchase order (PO) issued to establish an account with a specific supplier to obtain specific services during a specified time period.

Confirming Received: This means that your order has already been received and the eReq is only for requesting payment.

Confirming Order Do Not Duplicate: The supplier is already aware of the order. Choosing this option will prevent duplication when the supplier receives their copy of the purchase order.

Advance Payment: The supplier requires prepayment before the service can be performed. This is not to be used for goods.

Documenting the Business Purpose

The Business Purpose and Business Purpose Explanation fields are required fields. You must enter and select a value for each field. A business purpose and justification work together to provide the approver, auditor and management an understanding as to how your expenses relate to university business.

All expenses, whether they take place via ShopBlue, eProcurement, Procurement Card, eReq or travel expenses, require a business purpose. Your business purpose explanations should be sufficiently detailed to allow the reviewer to determine that the transaction was program or grant-related in nature.

A business purpose should answer five basic questions:

1.     Who was involved in the activity related to the expense?

2.     What activity does the expense represent?

3.     When did the activity occur?

4.     Where did the activity take place?

5.     Why or how does the expense relate to university business?

Not all the questions will apply to every transaction, but the information should be included when applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact an Expert

Linda Ferry.

Linda Ferry

Purchasing and Contract Services

Phone: 716-645-4559

Email: lferry@buffalo.edu

Linda Deni

Director of Procurement Operations

Purchasing and Contract Services

Phone: 716-645-4501

Email: lindaden@buffalo.edu

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