Working Safely

UB strives to have safe work places for all faculty, staff and students. Be proactive — know and follow safety protocols.

  • Biosafety and Biosecurity
    The Office of Environment, Health and Safety provides information, guidance, and training in Biosafety fundamentals, regulatory affairs (federal, state and local) and works closely with the various University committees that oversee research at the University at Buffalo.
  • Chemical Safety
    Guidance on safely using chemicals. 
  • Construction
    Construction work at the University at Buffalo must be in compliance with university and state safety regulations to prevent hazards and serious injuries.
  • Fire and Life Safety
    The Office of Environment, Health & Safety provides a variety of fire & life safety services.
  • Hazardous Chemical Waste
    Environment, Health & Safety administers a comprehensive program that ensures hazardous chemical wastes generated on campus are properly managed.
  • In Your Workplace
    Faculty and staff should be mindful of potential risks in a workplace and take appropriate action to protect your personal health. UB Environment, Health & Safety can provide guidance to protect UB workers from adverse health effects due to these, and other, environmental causes.
  • Radiation Safety
    The EH&S Radiation Safety Program provides a radiation protection program that is in accordance with the rules, regulations, licenses and permits issued by the New York State Department of Health, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the safe use of radioactive materials and radiation producing equipment at the University at Buffalo.