Managing Facilities for Your Unit (FPMO)

To effectively manage the facilities and properties under your care as a Facilities Planning and Management Officer (FPMO), you need comprehensive information and a thorough understanding of your role. This will enable you to make informed decisions and fulfill your responsibilities competently.

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Managing Space and Renovations

Additional space needs should be addressed first within a department’s current allocation, then within the school or unit. Existing space must be utilized as effectively as possible to support desired growth. Space management principles are applied to all space that is new and existing and located on campus or off-campus and to all academic, administrative, housing and student services.

  • Space Planning Strategies
    UB uses a strategy of space management principles and processes to provide a comprehensive framework for the effective management of space resources. 

Facilities Improvement Project Requests

Facility Improvement Projects are defined as:

  • Initiatives involving planning, design, or execution of improvements or changes to UB facilities
  • Including but not limited to new or renovated spaces, buildings, building systems, grounds, etc.
  • For which the requesting unit has secured (or is in the process of securing) funding.

Every facility improvement project is unique and the process can be complex.  University Facilities will guide FPMOs, UBOs and unit leadership through the process.

University Facilities Finance office will guide FPMOs, UBOs and unit leadership through the process of completing the Facilities Improvement Project Financial Workbook. On the workbook, you'll document the total cost of the project (both initial and ongoing total cost of ownership) and the various funding sources.

Only FPMOs can submit a Facilities Improvement Project Request

  • Facilities Use Agreements
    Facilities Use Agreements are for the rental of UB space or facilities with Research Foundation funds for a time period of two years or less.
  • Revocable Permits
    Revocable Permits are used for the rental of UB space or facilities with state funds. The dollar amount of the anticipated revenue associated with the permit determines the procedure. 
  • Off Campus Lease Request
    Review the procedure for requesting off-campus leased space and the expectations and responsibilities of the requesting unit, the Real Estate & Property Management office, and the UB Purchasing and Contracts unit.
  • Outside Entity Space Request
    Review the procedure for outside entities requesting on-campus space, and the expectations and responsibilities of the requesting unit, the Real Estate & Property Management office, and the Purchasing and Contract unit.
  • Code Reviews and Building Permits
    Code reviews and building permits are key services during the construction and contract management phase of a project. 

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