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Code reviews and building permits are key services during the construction and contract management phase of a project. 

Design and Construction is the only office on campus authorized to issue building permits and certificates of compliance.


Typically, any construction project that alters any of the major building systems, such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, or structural, requires a building permit. In order to perform code review and issue a building permit, a set of drawings, stamped by a NY State certified design professional, is required. Many times these drawings are prepared in Facilities though sometimes they are prepared by off-campus consultants.

Buildilng Permits are also required when work is performed by an off-campus vendor as long as it alters any of the major building systems.  Facilities is available to help your department or unit obtain the permit.  Also off-campus vendors are required to show proof of insurance.

Title 19 NYCRR Part 1204 of the Building Code of New York State defines in broad terms when a building permit is required for construction work.

Read an excerpt of the actual text from the buidling code:

1204.7 Construction Permits

    (a) On or after July 1, 1990, no State agency shall commence the erection, construction, enlargement, alteration, improvement, relocation, removal, or demolition of any building or structure without first obtaining a construction permit from a construction-permitting agency.  Work which is not subject to the Uniform Code shall not require a permit.  No permit shall be required for the performance of necessary repairs which do not materially affect structural elements and/or the plumbing, electrical, or heating/ventilation systems, nor for the construction of storage facilities of less than 3000 cubic feet.  No permit shall be required for work costing $20,000 or less on an existing building provided that such exemption does not conflict with the procedures of any construction-permitting agency involved in the project.  All work shall nevertheless be done in conformance with the Uniform Code.

    (b) Prior to the issuance of a construction permit, the issuing agency shall obtain and retain on file the following information:

        (1) a description of the site upon which the proposed work is to be done;

        (2) a description of the use or occupancy of all parts of the land and of the proposed building or structure;

        (3) where work is proposed for an existing structure, a description of the current use or occupancy of the structure;

        (4) a description of the work proposed to be undertaken;

        (5) the name(s) of the State agency which will have custody of the structure during construction and after the project is completed; and

        (6) a complete set of plans and specifications for the proposed project.

    The issuing agency may waive the requirement for plans and specifications where the work to be done involves minor alterations or where plans and specifications are otherwise unnecessary.

Know When A Permit is Required

Type of Work Building Permit Billable Work Order
Carpet installation or replacement *   X
Classroom, office or laboratory renovations X  
Door renovation including installation of new doors X
Electrical systems modifications X  
Electrical work, such as new outlets that do not require a new circuit   X
Equipment - direct one for one replacement without increase of scope of work   X
Fume hoods, hazardous material cabinets installation, removal or replacement X  
Furniture (non-powered) installation including partition walls up to 69 inches in height **   X
Furniture partitions installation greater than 69” in height or any powered partitions X  
Gas fired equipment installation, removal or replacement X  
Hazardous materials removal, i.e. asbestos or lead paint X  
Heating or air-conditioning systems modifications X  
Painting of one of more rooms   X
Plumbing systems modifications X  
Plumbing work, such as installation of a sink   X
Room or suite of rooms renovations X  
Structural modification, such as walls, beams or columns X  
Window renovation including installation of new windows X  

*Before new carpeting is even ordered, the area must be tested for asbestos by Environment Health and Safety

**Furniture layout needs Facilities review for compliance with the American with Disabilities Act


After a building permit is issued, interim inspections take place to ensure compliance with the codes, rules, and regulations of the New York State. These inspections, along with a written report, are filed with the Code Compliance Manager. At the conclusion of a project, the Code Compliance Manager must close out the building permit and issue a Certificate of Compliance. The building permit and the Certificate of Compliance are filed on-line with the Department of State in Albany.

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