Code Reviews and Building Permits

Code reviews and building permits are key services during the construction and contract management phase of a project. 

Code Reviews Building Permits

Code reviews must be performed before any and all construction is performed on any of UB's campuses. Building codes are the minimum design and construction requirements to ensure safe, accessible spaces and resilient structures. 

Design and Construction is the only office on campus authorized to conduct code reviews, issue building permits and certificates of compliance.

About Building Codes

Code Review Process

1. Review the checklist to determine your project needs.  If ANY of the questions are checked than your request will require a code review.

2. Submit a work order selecting 'Code Review'.  Make sure to provide as much detail as possible about the request.

  • Use the form to attach any additional information such as photographs, layouts, cut sheets related to equipment, wall systems and/or furniture.
  • Vendor information would be especially helpful.

3. The code review request is then processed by customer service and then by the code official.  Depending on the departmental needs, you will be notified as to which category the request will then fall into:

  • Request will go straight to work order
  • More information is needed to proceed
  • You will need to fill out a Facilities Improvement Project Request form
  • The review was completed and it's ok to proceed

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Requesting Service

Request Service

  • Log in and submit a Work Order Request or
  • Call Customer Service at 716-645-2025

Contact an Expert

Martin Hohle.

Barry Beebe

Code Compliance Manager

Facilities, Design and Construction

119N John Beane Center

Phone: 716-645-3634


Martin Hohle.

Martin Hohle, P.E.

Deputy Code Enforcement Official

Facilities, Design and Construction

119 John Beane Center

Phone: 716-645-6844