Campus Master Plan

UB Buffalo.

This report summarizes the final recommended plan for the 2013-2023 Campus Master Plan for the University at Buffalo. It builds on the findings of the previous four phases of study and expresses in physical form the campus’s desired academic and strategic mission.


Scope of the Campus Master Plan

RTKL, and its team of consultants, was retained by The State University Construction Fund [SUCF] to conduct a Facilities Master Plan [FMP] for The University at Buffalo’s 1,346-acres which spread across three campuses: North, South, and Downtown. The FMP study was initiated in November of 2010 and began with the aggregation and synthesis of hundreds of university-owned documents, the majority of which were related to the 2009 UB2020 Comprehensive Plan (now known as Top 25 Ambition). This process was helpful in gaining a full comprehension of the University in terms of academics, facilities, community and culture.

The documentation for the University at Buffalo Facilities Master Plan 2013 – 2023 consists of five phases:

  • Phase I - Campus Profile
  • Phase II - Assessment of Conditions
  • Phase III - Analysis of Space Needs
  • Phase IV - Facilities Master Plan Concept Alternatives
  • Phase V - Facilities Master Plan Final Recommendations

The intent of the Campus Master Plan is to provide guidelines for future campus improvements and developments that support the University at Buffalo’s academic mission and strategic vision. The plan will identify opportunities to enhance, maintain, or improve the built environment in a way that facilitates learning and student development. It will seek to maintain the principles and longer term goals of the UB2020 Comprehensive Plan, which are described later in this section. The Campus Master Plan will consider current and future University program uses to identify strategies for demolition, rehabilitation, modernization, conversion, expansion, and new construction. It will guide the University and SUCF in identifying, prioritizing, and structuring future project requests for capital funding and will address the projected capital facilities improvement needs for the period of 2013-2023.

Goals of the Facilities Master Plan

The primary goal of this Campus Master Plan is to develop and articulate the capital solutions for the period 2013 - 2023 that support the next phase of UB 2020 development. Initiatives established by the Plan will achieve the following

• Enable strategic academic improvements
• Improve campus life
• Achieve economic impact
• Remedy space needs and building infrastructure deficiencies
• Beautify the public realm

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