The University at Buffalo strives to mitigate risk, enhance efficiency and promote compliance with laws and regulations through policies that establish a framework and set standards for conducting university business. Published policies help members of the UB community be mindful and committed to doing what is right.

Find a listed policy — by its category or alphabetically, search for a policy title or search the library for keyword(s).
You, as the policy writer, have the important task of reaching your audience with a policy that is clear, easily read and provides the right level of information. If users understand a policy, they are more likely to follow it and incorporate it into their daily work.
Keep your policy relevant. Regular reviews are key to keeping your policy consistent with current practices.
When a policy or revision is needed in a timeframe that does not allow for the full feedback and approval process, an interim policy or revision may be implemented.
Look up key words used in UB policies to see definitions and links to their associated policies.

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