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Records are a valuable university asset and serve as evidence of UB's organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations and other activities.


Every person at the university creates, receives, uses and disposes of records in the course of their day-to-day activities. Documentary materials that support university business and have legal, operational or historical value are records and important university assets.

University records:

  • Document transactions and management decisions
  • Demonstrate compliance with laws, regulations and policies
  • Provide evidence of legal obligations between the university and others
  • Establish and promote university identity and tradition
  • Maintain the university's memory

University records are media neutral – no matter the means of creation, the content of the record is key, not the format.

Records Management

Records management is the systematic control of records throughout their life cycle.

The goal of records management is to have university employees create the records we need; keep these records in ways to allow for efficient access and use; maintain records for as long as we need them for legal, operational and historical purposes; and dispose of them when they are past their retention period. Effective records management saves time, effort, space, money and other resources.

Managing university records is a shared responsibility. All faculty and staff are responsible for managing the records and information under their custody or control.

Retention Guidance

Retention schedules are designed to allow university records to be retained for as long as necessary. When records are no longer needed, the schedules provide guidance on proper disposition.

Safeguarding Restricted Data

University records may contain information that is protected by federal and state laws and regulations, as well as university policy. These records require additional safeguards to manage risk related to confidentiality, integrity and access.

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