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UB Purchasing strives to achieve the best possible combination of service and cost when selecting a supplier, while being in accordance with purchasing regulations and initiatives. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with suppliers who can meet the needs of our university community.  


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UB's Purchasing Process

The purchasing process at UB is decentralized. Most small dollar transactions and supplier selections are initiated at the department level. Purchases must follow New York State, SUNY and RF SUNY regulations and policies and are competitively bid at various thresholds.

UB’s purchasing dollar thresholds describe the dollar amount thresholds and purchasing methods available to departments. The awarding of contracts and purchase orders is done by the UB Purchasing office only.

UB strives to ensure a diverse supplier base that is responsive, responsible, and qualified to meet our business requirements.  

Ways to Interact with Our Purchasing Department

Sending us your tax ID form does not guarantee that you will do business with UB, but it allows us to collect important information to expedite the ordering process if future procurement opportunities become available. The W-9 form is for U.S. based suppliers and the W-8 form is for foreign-based suppliers.

If you are a local or diverse supplier, contact our Supplier Diversity team to partner with us on opportunities.

Contact our buyers to find out if there is a need for your specialty. Each buyer specializes in one or more kinds of goods or services or suppliers. Look up the goods or service you want to order to find your expert.

We recommend that you call and schedule an appointment prior to visiting our office.

Opportunities for new suppliers may be limited in some areas because we already have contracts for many of our commonly ordered high-spend volume products and services.

The Payment Process for Suppliers

Suppliers: invoices should be mailed or emailed to the address indicated on the purchase order.

Reimbursement for Authorized Travel Costs

All travel costs must be directly associated with university business and contractually authorized. Travel is reimbursed according to New York State guidelines using the United States General Services Administration (GSA) reimbursement rates. Invoices must be itemized and the appropriate documentation must be provided.  All travel arrangements must be made by the supplier.

Airfare and Amtrak

Payment can be made when the itinerary and receipt are provided, only coach/economy fare is reimbursable. Original boarding passes must be provided.

Tolls, Parking, Taxis and Public Transportation

Original receipts are required for all dollar amounts.


Mileage reimbursement rates are determined by the IRS.

Meals and per diems

The maximum per diem rate for Buffalo is paid when a hotel bill is provided.  Expenses are paid for hotel and meal costs only. The meal per diem includes tips to a bellman or hotel maid.

Doing Business With UB and Other NYS Agencies

The Office of General Services (OGS) and the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) have outlined important information you should know about doing business with New York state. While SUNY does, on occasion, purchase under different authority, it is important for you to understand the general purchasing practices of NYS.

Maintaining Your Vendor Record

Vendors are responsible for updating their own vendor record in the NYS self-service portal.

UB Policies and Guidelines

  • Supplier Diversity Policy
    The Supplier Diversity Program increases economic opportunities for small business, minority, women, disadvantaged, and veteran owned business enterprises. The Program aligns resources with new initiatives to create a comprehensive, university-wide focus on economic opportunities for diversity suppliers.
  • Receipt of Goods and Services
    The University at Buffalo (UB, University) requires the timely receipt and verification of goods and services purchased with State, Research Foundation (RF), and University at Buffalo Foundation (UBF) funds. Ordering departments must verify that purchased goods and services are received in proper condition and are in accordance with the terms and conditions of the purchasing agreement.
  • NYS Project Sunlight
    Project Sunlight is part of the New York State Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011. It requires state entities, including UB and other SUNY campuses, to report any appearances by firms and individuals who meet with state decision makers into a database where they can be viewed by the public.

Holding a trademark license with the University at Buffalo provides you with greater visibility for your company and access to broader promotional opportunities within the university. Any order that is placed by the university that will be sold at cost or for a profit will be considered retail and must be produced by an officially licensed vendor.

Supplier Support and Resources

Bids and Contracts

MWBE and Small Business

SDVOB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business)



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