Workers' Compensation

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UB strives to maintain safe workplaces. In spite of best efforts, you may suffer a work-related injury, illness or disability at work that makes you eligible for workers' compensation benefits. We can help you get started with your accident report.

Follow Your Departmental Guidelines

If your department has a biosafety exposure control plan already in place, follow your departmental guidelines.

Injury By Needle or Sharp

1. Wash the area with soap and water as the injury may be contaminated with blood or other bodily fluid.

2. You or your department should contact Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) at 716-829-3301 to consider an investigation into blood borne infection.

Reporting the Incident

Should I Report the Injury?

If you're wondering if you should report an incident, file a report.

Procedures for All Employees

  1. When injured, notify your supervisor IMMEDIATELY.
  2. If you need medical attention, go to the provider of your choice. Inform the provider that the injury is work-related.
  3. Follow the appropriate reporting steps for your UB affiliation.

Your Reporting Steps

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