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The Federal College Work-Study program provides employment opportunities for students in various offices on campus and in community service agencies to students who are invited to participate because of financial need.

About College Work-Study

 If you qualify for the (Federal) College Work-Study program at the University of Buffalo you may select from a variety of jobs to meet your interests, skills and career paths.

College Work-Study Payroll Calendar


College Work-Study For Students

Find a Student Job

Most student jobs are advertised on BullsEye. Once you are notified and you have accepted College Work-Study support, set up an account on BullsEye to upload your resume and apply for a job.

Work-Study Regulations

Your goal is to work reasonable hours while classes are in session and have your funds last all year.

Amount of Annual Award

If you have been accepted in the work-study progam your award amount will be determined based upon your individual Financial Aid package. 

Work Hours Permitted

You can work up to 29 hours per week, throughout the year, providing you are performing necessary work duties and you have funds remaining, including any student assistant (SA) appointments.

Work-Study Pay Rate
Minimum Wage Effective Date*
$10.40 12/28/2017
$11.10 12/31/2018
$11.80 12/31/2019
$12.50 12/31/2020
TBD 12/31/2021
TBD 12/31/2022

* Dates are approximate and are subject to change according to payroll calendar dates.

Get Timesheets In On Time

A timesheet used to create your paycheck, so it's important to submit it on time. When the hiring paperwork is on file with Human Resources — the student and supervisor have completed the forms — students can start entering the time worked, online. The supervisor has to approve the online time sheet so make sure to keep an accurate record.

Submit an Online Timesheet

  1. Go to
  2. If prompted, select Buffalo Univ.
  3. If prompted, log in with your UBITName and password
  4. Click Time and Attendance in the Self Service menu

Change My Address for Work

Your employment records for College Work-Study and your academic records are different. When you move or leave UB, make sure your mailing address is correct so you will receive your tax forms.

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