University Facilities

The mission of University Facilities is to maintain a safe, healthy and attractive campus environment for UB students, faculty, staff and visitors by providing both direct and advisory services in the design, construction and maintenance of new and existing facilities that support the evolving needs of the university’s teaching, research and service mission.

  • Campus Planning
    Campus Planning orchestrates the pre-construction planning and programming phases of the Major Capital Programs Process and coordinates all university space management activities. We coordinate large scale development, rehabilitation and renovation construction projects on campus and ensure these projects are completed efficiently and are aligned with the university's vision.
  • Capital Planning and Deferred Maintenance
    Capital Planning and Deferred Maintenance is responsible for assessing the university’s physical assets, providing critical maintenance resources and developing a capital renewal plan that supports the university’s long-term strategic priorities. This unit works closely with all University Facilities units to maintain and renew campus infrastructure and physical assets so the university can continually meet academic and research goals.
  • Facilities Operations
    Facilities Operations is responsible for the day-to-day tasks necessary to ensure UB’s physical environment supports the campus community’s needs and core functions. Units may request services by submitting a Work Order Request.
  • Design and Construction
    Design and Construction coordinates the architectural design and construction of university buildings and structures. We ensure that construction projects are completed in compliance with building codes and standards and that all structures meet safety and functionality requirements.
  • Environment, Health and Safety
    Environment, Health and Safety develops policies, procedures and compliance standards to ensure the safety of the university community. We are committed to protecting health and safety on campus that is conducive to the highest level of education and research.
  • Real Estate and Property Management
    Real Estate and Property Management at the University at Buffalo is responsible for acquiring and selling real property holdings of the university.