Structure and Function

Administrative Services is an enterprise organization whose units work in concert to steward the university's valuable resources toward accomplishing UB's strategic goals. 

The challenge of stewardship is more than protecting the university's financial resources. We are also concerned with our customer's experiences, our business processes and employee learning and growth.

"The word 'stewardship' means managing something on someone else's behalf."

Laura E. Hubbard

Vice President, Finance and Administration

Organizational Structure

vpfa org chart

Functional Overview

Our functional responsibilities span all apects of UB's business. Experts in every area support best practices in their fields.

Manage UB policy library

Develop and revise university policies

Prepare for an internal audit

Meet the requirements of an external audit

Manage possible irregularieis and fraud

Build a multi-year financial plan

Establish annual student fees

Manage and develop the SIRI tool

Support revenue and IFR accounting

Assist in managing state accounts and security

Provide financial reports and cash management

Handle non-sponsored RF accounts

Facilitate print needs

Manage mail distribution

Guide the purchase of goods and services

Receive and pay of purchases

Maintain property control records

Reimburse business travel expenses

Process employment and appointment paperwork

Prepare state and RF payroll

Administer state and RF benefits

Manage job classification and compensation

Provide assistance to the campus on employee relations issues

Present training to faculty and staff

Offer services for employee work life balance

Coordinate the employee assistance program

Assist UB employees for all HR functions

Ensure proper taxation for foreign nationals

Administer access to employee data via SIRI

Provide customer service and maintenance

Provide environmental health and safety

Plan, design and implement facilities

Maintain finance and administration

House document library

Manage facilities, sustainability and energy

Handle university real estate transactions

Acquire new property

Coordinate downtown property management

Assist in long-range physical and land planning