Facilities Operations

Facilities Operations is responsible for the day-to-day tasks necessary to ensure UB’s physical environment supports the campus community’s needs and core functions. Units may request services by submitting a Work Order Request.

Functional Services

  • Customer Service, including:
    • Single point of contact for all University Facilities services
    • Processing work order requests for service calls
    • Providing cost quotes for billable services.
  • Buildings and Grounds, including:
    • Fleet maintenance
    • Supply chain, warehouse management
    • Grounds maintenance
    • Custodial services (excluding campus housing)
    • Recycling and waste management
  • Utility Operations, including:
    • Plant utilities (chilled water plant, heating plant and downtown utilities)
    • Building system controls
    • Outside equipment
  • Skilled Trades including:
    • Carpentry and lock shop
    • Electrical
    • Masonry, painting and roofing
    • Mechanical, Equipment
    • Plumbing and sheet metal