Special Purchasing Needs

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Some circumstances challenge standard procedures. We can help you manage your special purchasing needs.

Emergency Purchase

An emergency purchase is defined as an urgent and unexpected requirement where health and public safety or the conservation of public resources is at risk. Failure to properly and timely plan in advance for a procurement, which then results in a situation in which normal procurement practices cannot be followed, will not constitute an emergency.

Only One Supplier Can Provide Goods or Services

If only one supplier can provide the goods or services you need, review the requirements for sole or single source justification, and provide the requested documentation with your purchase requisition.

Use Multiple Funding Sources

Purchasing Services has established a procedure for the processing of purchase orders when the funding is split between state, Research Foundation and UB Foundation accounts.

Insurance is Required

There are certain situations that require the purchase of insurance for equipment or events.

Purchase Used Equipment

There might be a time when you want to purchase used equipment. Inherent risks exist in these situations, so be sure to consult with your purchasing agent for guidance.

Trade-in of Equipment

In some cases, existing equipment can be traded in for credit toward new equipment or supplies.

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