Buying Used Equipment

There might be a time when you want to purchase used equipment. Inherent risks exist in these situations, so be sure to consult with your purchasing agent for guidance.  

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A Sole or Single Source Justification Form or letter of justification explaining why the used equipment will best meet your department’s needs should include the following information:

  • If the used equipment was physically inspected and observed while in use, so state.  If not, then state how you became aware of the equipment and how the equipment’s condition is being evaluated sight unseen.
  • A best estimate of the equipment’s condition.
  • How the equipment is to be used and its benefits to the user.
  • That the used equipment meets all the user’s needs and will do the job as well as a new piece of equipment.
  • A statement that your present budget is insufficient to purchase new equipment.
  • Estimated cost of equivalent new equipment, if known.

Also, the written quotation from the vendor should include the following and must be submitted with the requisition and justification:

  • Manufacturer and model of equipment being offered
  • Age and original selling price of equipment, if known
  • Current used selling price
  • Statement of condition
  • Details of any guarantee and/or warranty on used equipment

If any competitive quotes were obtained for comparable used equipment, submit these additional quotes as well.

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