Using Multiple Funding Sources

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Using multiple funding sources for the purchase of a good or service is permitted.

You can split your purchase order across state, Research Foundation (RF) and UB Foundation (UBF) funds. These directions apply to all split-funded purchases processed by Procurement Services and/or Sponsored Projects Services.

Know the Sponsor’s Policy Before You Purchase

It is important to know the sponsor’s policies regarding title or ownership of items being purchased with Research Foundation (RF) funds prior to purchasing with multiple funding sources.


  • If any amount of state funds (even as little as $1) is used to purchase equipment, title vests with the state and the item will be recorded in the Real Asset Management (RAM) System as state equipment.
  • Purchases may be split between the state and RF only if sponsor policy allows title to the equipment to ultimately vest with the RF and/or state.  If title must vest with sponsor, the purchase may not be split.
  • Equipment items for which title vests with the state:
    •    may not be transferred from state control
    •    may be used as a trade-in only toward the purchase of other state-funded equipment.
  • Project directors are encouraged to consider the possibility of separately purchasing stand-alone components of a system rather than split funding the cost of the system.  RF-purchased components can be transferred from RF control, however, state-purchased components cannot be transferred from state control.
Exact Splits Between Accounts

Due to some suppliers' financial accounting systems, it may be difficult to do exact splits.  Please contact the purchasing agent for assistance.

Ordering Procedure

Applicable state flexibility rules and regulations (sole source, bids, etc.) must be followed as appropriate for the total dollar amount of the item being purchased.

  1. Create multiple eReqs, one for each funding source (RF, UBF, state) account. The notes field of each eReq should state that the purchase will be split between funding sources and how you would like it split. Reference the other incident numbers.
  2. Have the eReqs approved and submit them to Purchasing.
  3. Purchasing submits the Research Foundation eReq to Sponsored Projects Services for approval.
  4. Sponsored Projects Services reviews the RF eReq to verify appropriateness of the purchase and ensures that split funding is allowable under terms of the grant.
  5. Upon receipt of approved RF purchase order, Purchasing submits the state eReq to SUNY’s procurement system.
  6. If the item is a piece of equipment, Purchasing will send a memo (via email) to the Principal Investigator indicating that the equipment will be owned by the state. A copy of this memo is attached to each eReq.
  7. Purchasing processes the separate eReqs payable to the vendor. In supplier notes field, note that the purchase will be split among multiple purchase orders and cross-reference each purchase order number.
  8. Purchasing sends cross-referenced purchase orders to vendor at the same time.
  9. If the purchase qualifies as equipment, Inventory Services will record the equipment as a state asset. Research Foundation’s contribution amount, purchase order number and award number will be noted in asset record.
Sample Memo To Principal Investigator

To: [Principal Investigator]

From: [Buyer]


Subject: Split Order – Requisition #__________

This memo is to confirm your awareness and acceptance of the following conditions relative to the above-referenced purchase. Since state funds will be used towards this purchase, title to the equipment will vest with the state and will be recorded in the Real Asset Management (RAM) System as a state asset. As such, this equipment may not be transferred from state control. This equipment may be used as a trade-in only towards another state-funded purchase.

Please contact me at [e-mail address/phone number] if you have any questions in this regard.

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