Electronic Procurement (eProcurement)

Departments  purchase goods and services from FedEx, Fisher Scientific, and VWR using customized Web portals with eProcurement.  Purchases can be made with state, Research Foundation (RF) and UB Foundation (UBF) funds for transactions less than $5,000.

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Advantages of eProcurement

  • Eliminates requisitions and receivers
  • Consolidated billing handled by Financial Management
  • Is accessed with user-friendly Web portals
  • Has contract pricing
  • Shows order history and tracking
  • Provides order confirmation emails and quick shipping
  • Routes to approvers if necessary for budget administration

Shipping with FedEx

  • Take advantage of New York State Contract Pricing
  • Create your own shipping labels and track your shipments
  • Schedule Pickups as needed.

Scientific Products from VWR

VWR provides an expansive choice of premiere products, such as chemicals, furniture, equipment, instruments, apparel and consumables, from a vast group of leading scientific manufacturers.

Laboratory Supplies and Services from Fisher Scientific

Complete portfolio of laboratory equipment, chemicals, supplies and services used in healthcare, scientific research, safety and education.

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