Planning, Designing and Construction

Campus planning is supported and coordinated here at UB, including estimating costs, coordinating architectural and engineering design, performing code review, arranging for building permits, procuring materials, coordinating construction, and providing site supervision for construction contracts.

  • Building Profiles
    Learn more about our university buildings: their special functions and a history of the namesake of the building.
  • Campus Maps
    Use the official maps of the UB campuses for planning and information; use the interactive maps to navigate the campuses.
  • Campus Master Plan
    This report summarizes the final recommended plan for the 2013-2023 Campus Master Plan for the University at Buffalo. It builds on the findings of the previous four phases of study and expresses in physical form the campus’s desired academic and strategic mission.
  • Physical Space Inventory
    A space inventory that tracks use, assignment and area for analysis and local, state, and national reporting purposes.
  • Space Planning Strategies
    UB uses a strategy of space management principles and processes to provide a comprehensive framework for the effective management of space resources. 
  • Contemplative Sites Program
    UB’s Contemplative Sites are one-year public art installations on North and South Campuses designed to enhance our campus experience and engage our university community in contemplating key issues.
  • Code Reviews and Building Permits
    Code reviews and building permits are key services during the construction and contract management phase of a project. 

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