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Purchasing and Contract Services provides guidance and support for faculty and staff about insurance for university equipment, auto rental and liability matters.

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Liability Insurance

The State of New York does not purchase insurance covering liability arising out of the acts of the state, the State University or their respective officers or employees.  In lieu of such insurance, the State University can provide the following statement:

The State University of New York (SUNY) will be responsible for any and all liability, claim, loss, damage, suit or judgment (and any and all costs and expenses including, but not limited to, reasonable counsel fees and disbursements, if assessed by a court of competent jurisdiction), arising from the activities of the State University, or the use on behalf of the State University of motor vehicles owned or leased by the State of New York or the State University, provided that such liability, claim, loss, damage, suit or judgment arises out of the acts of the State University or its officers or employees acting within the scope of their employment, as provided by law. This agreement does not apply to any liability, claim, damage, suit or judgment arising from acts, or omissions by or on behalf of third parties and their respective, related and affiliated entities and their officers or employees.

The above statement would apply to damages arising out of the acts of the University, its officers or employees regardless of location, whether on or off of State University facilities.

There may be certain situations that arise where outside entities will require a certificate of insurance. These situations may include the loan of equipment or real estate.

Loss Insurance for Equipment

In most cases, equipment or property of the state of New York will not be eligible for loss or damage insurance. In some instances, when equipment is being transported or will be used in conjunction with field projects, insurance may be purchased for a limited amount of time. A detailed list of the equipment, along with serial numbers will be required.

While the state does not provide loss insurance, The Research Foundation offers insurance coverage for equipment purchased for and/or with sponsored program funds. This insurance covers loss for example from theft, fire, vandalism or explosion, and carries a $250 deductible for each claim. Please note that your equipment is not automatically insured. You must specifically request such coverage.

Automobile Insurance

State owned vehicles are automatically covered under the state’s blanket liability coverage. Contact Purchasing and Contract Services for NYS Insurance Certificates.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance is required.  When using the approved suppliers: Enterprise, Hertz or National for business travel, CDW is included at no additional cost. No other insurance is required and will not be reimbursed.

When renting a vehicle from another supplier, CDW must be purchased and will be reimbursed.  If CDW is not purchased, any cost associated with damages to the rental vehicle may be the sole responsibility of the renter. The employee should rent in the name of New York State or the Research Foundation and sign the agreement as the agent for the State or RF.

When using the Bank of America UB Travel Card, CDW is included in the card program.

Request Insurance

To request insurance, email Marie Colella. Include your UB entity code, the name of the person requesting insurance, a description of the event or activity taking place and the dates of the event.  

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