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When traveling for university business, rental vehicles may be used when it is in the best interest of the university.  Rental vehicles are considered appropriate when renting is the least costly alternative, renting is the only method of transportation available or renting eliminates substantial delays.

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Before You Rent

As you plan your rental, consider the following:

  • Review the availability of University at Buffalo (UB) and New York State (NYS) car rental contracts and only rent from a non-contracted rental company if necessary.
  • Ensure that expenses for a car rental are allowable prior to making the reservation. Consider cost, conference location and sponsor guidelines before reserving. You may contact Travel Services for assistance in determining if car rental expenses are allowable.
  • Car rental expenses incurred while attending a conference are usually not reimbursable when flying into the conference city and staying at the conference hotel. Low cost shuttles may be available at the airport for transportation to and from the conference hotel. If a shuttle is not available, a taxi is usually the next cost effective mode of transportation between the airport and the conference hotel. When a car rental is necessary, justification, including a cost comparison, is required.
  • Original gasoline receipts are required when requesting reimbursement with use of a car rental.
  • Renters are advised to refuel the rental vehicle themselves prior to retuning the vehicle to prevent the unnecessarily high refueling costs charged by the rental companies.
  • Business car rentals by employees originating in NYS are exempt from NYS taxes, however, employees must present a valid tax exempt form to the vendor to obtain tax exemption. 
  • Every effort should be made to obtain tax exemption. NYS taxes are not reimbursable.
  • Itemized car rental receipts must be attached when reimbursements for gasoline expenses, tolls and parking are claimed.
  • GPS usage charges associated with a rental vehicle are allowable expenses.
  • The following are non-reimbursable expenses when renting vehicles:
    • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
    • Personal Effects Insurance (PEI)
    • Liability Insurance
    • Traffic fines and violations (e.g., speeding, illegal parking)
    • Towing charges related to traffic violations (e.g., illegal parking)
    • Transportation to personal meals

Insurance Coverage

Car Rental Agencies

Special Vehicle Rental Needs

Contact an Expert

If you have a unique requirement such as van rentals outside of the Buffalo area, direct bill rentals for non-employees or any other situation not addressed here, contact a purchasing expert for assistance.

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