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UB's centralized Amazon Business accounts are available for use with state, Research Foundation and UB Foundation Procurement Cards.

Advantages of Amazon Business

  • Access to Business Prime shipping (2-day free shipping on eligible items)
  • Automatic tax-exemption on items sold by Amazon LLC and other participating third-party sellers
  • Business pricing and quantity discounts on millions of items
  • Access to a specialized, business-only Amazon Customer Service team 
Order with PCard

UB's Amazon Business account may only be used with state, Research Foundation and UB Foundation Procurement Cards.

Amazon orders may not be placed with a purchase order or personal credit card.

> Learn more about the Procurement Card (PCard)

Personal Reimbursements Not Allowable

Personal reimbursements for purchases made with a personal credit card from Amazon will not be processed.

Reimbursement requests for these purchases will be rejected, and individuals will be held personally liable for purchases made with a personal credit card.

Get Started with Amazon Business

All Amazon Business purchases should be placed through UB’s centralized Amazon Business account. 

Request to Join the Amazon Business Account

Email from your UB email address ( Make sure to include your name, department, UB email address, and have a valid UB Procurement Card in your name.

Your request will be processed within two business days. Then, you will receive an activation email directly from Amazon with the subject line, “Welcome to Amazon Business”.  The activation period is time sensitive, so please take action as soon as possible.

Activate Your Amazon Business Account

Activate your Amazon Business account by clicking “Accept the Invitation” from the Amazon email you received when you initially requested access. The first time you access Amazon Business, you will be prompted to create an Amazon Business account.

Use Your @buffalo Email Address

You must use your UB email address ( for your Amazon Business account.

First-time User Registration

  1. You will receive an email inviting you to join your organization’s Amazon Business account. Click on Set Up Your Account. Invitations are time sensitive.
  2. If you do not receive your invitation, please check your spam folder. The email will come from
  3. Choose the scenario below that applies to you and follow the instructions.

Scenario 1 — Create a new business user account:

If you have not previously used your work email address on, account set up is simple. Enter your full name and choose your business password. 

Scenario 2 — Convert your existing Amazon account:

Sign in to the existing account that you use for business purchases on If you already have an Amazon account tied to your work email address and use this account solely for business purchases, you will migrate this existing account to your organization’s Amazon Business account. Do not choose this option if you have made personal purchases on this account.

Scenario 3 — Separate business and personal shopping:

Sign in to the existing account you use for business/personal purchases on If you have an existing Amazon account tied to your work email and use this account for business and personal purchases, we will separate your personal order history from your work email. The email designated at this step will be used to access your previous account, including existing order history and saved payments or shipping addresses.

Pre-existing Amazon Business Accounts

If you are already using an Amazon Business account with your email address on a pre-existing Amazon Business account, you must de-register your account, converting it back to a consumer account, otherwise you will not be able to receive an invitation to join UB's centralized Amazon Business account.

The migration of your account will not impact your purchasing process and you will log in using your same user credentials.

Before you de-register your account, please email if one or more of the following is applicable to you:

  • You are on an account with multiple users
  • You have workflow approvals established on your account

De-register Your Existing Amazon Business Account

  1. Log onto your Amazon Business account and download an order history report for the past 6-12 months (a recommended best practice) 
  2. If applicable, remove all users from the account
  3. Go to to de-register your existing account (doing so will not remove any information on the account; it will remove Amazon Business account tag)  

When complete:

  1. Email for a registration email to the main account. Your Amazon purchasing process will remain the same and you will log in using your same sign-on credentials.
  2. If you encounter any problems while de-registering, please call the Amazon Business customer service team at 1-866-486-2360 for assistance.
  3. If you remove any users on the account, let us know to add them to the main account as well.

Amazon Accounts for Personal Use

If you are currently using your email address on Amazon to make personal purchases and do not want to merge your personal order history and Prime Membership to the centralized Amazon Business account, then you will need to change the email address on your personal account to a non-UB email address (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo). 

Change Email Address Associated With Your Personal Account

Ensure that your personal order history and any personal Prime Membership remains separate from the Amazon Business account:

  1. Login to your personal Amazon account
  2. Hover over drop down and select Your Account
  3. Select Login and Security Icon
  4. Next to your email, select edit, and enter in a personal email address that is not already tied to another Amazon account
  5. Click save
For Business Use Only

The centralized UB Amazon Business account should be used for business purchases only. Unauthorized purchases will be considered a misuse of the PCard and could result in the loss of your PCard privileges and require reimbursement to the university. 

Shopping on Amazon Business

UB has established a centralized Amazon Business account to make purchases of items not available through other sellers and other contracts easier. Through Amazon Business, we have access to all items available on the standard site, plus additional business-specific items as well as other items.


Through UB’s centralized Amazon Business Account, you will have unlimited, free 2-day shipping on eligible items. Products eligible for Business Prime Shipping will be designated with a “Prime” logo on the product page and at checkout. Please note, not all shipping speeds are available for all items and all addresses.

Prime Memberships

If you purchased a Prime Membership with your PCard, you may receive a refund now that you have joined the centralized UB Amazon Business Account. Upon registration, you will be notified that consumer Prime will not transfer over to the University at Buffalo Amazon Business Account because we have already purchased Business Prime. You will be made aware of the company Business Prime and your personal Prime will be cancelled prior to converting your account. If you have paid for future months, you will be reimbursed for those pro-rated months.

Sales Tax

If you were charged sales tax on your order even though your Amazon Business account is set up for tax-exempt purchasing, you may request a tax refund if your item was sold or fulfilled by Amazon, LLC.  Call Amazon Business Customer Service at 1-866-486-2360. If you purchased your item from a third-party seller, go to the Amazon website to “Orders”, locate the item that was charged tax, and click Contact SellerPlease give the seller at least two business days to respond.

Gift Cards

Due to a university-wide initiative to reduce risk and tighten internal controls surrounding gift cards, purchases of gift cards may not be made through the UB Amazon Business account. Gift cards are considered a cash equivalent and should be treated as such. Gift card purchases must go through the procurement process to ensure proper controls are in place, and may be submitted as a requisition in eReq or ShopBlue.

Contact an Expert

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Amazon Support

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