Wegmans Meals2GO and Online Grocery Ordering

Departments may use a Procurement Card to purchase allowable, business-related items from Wegmans.

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How to Order

  • Orders can be placed at www.wegmans.com, through the Wegmans App or the Meals 2GO App.
  • The Wegmans website performs best using Chrome, Safari or MS Edge.

How to Pay

  • Full payment is required in advance with a valid department Procurement Card (PCard).
  • Wegmans is unable to accept Wegmans gift cards or Wegmans for Business accounts as methods of payment online.
  • To receive tax exemption and digital coupons, all purchases must go through a Wegmans platform (Wegmans.com, Wegmans App, Meals 2GO App).
  • Be sure to clip your digital coupons on the Wegmans App, Meals 2Go App or at Wegmans.com.
  • Itemized receipts are available on-line or upon request.

How to Get Your Order

Wegmans offers 3 different services:

  • Curbside Pickup — Curbside Pickup is available for both Online Grocery Ordering and Meals 2GO. For Online Grocery Shopping use the curbside pickup area at your local Wegmans. For Meals 2GO, park in a designated Meals2GO Curbside Parking spot and a 2GO team member will bring your food out to your car.
  • Carryout  — Available for Meals 2GO only. Your order will be ready in the Meals2GO area in the Market Café on one of the Carryout Racks!
  • Delivery — Wegmans has collaborated with Instacart for Online Grocery Ordering and DoorDash for Meals 2GO delivery.

In-store Purchases

Use of Wegmans for Business Account

  • At the payment terminal, do not attempt to enter a phone number or select “Skip”.
  • Swipe Wegmans for Business Card. This grants tax exemption, Shoppers Club Discounts and access to digital coupons (following the establishment of an online account).
  • Do not select Wegmans for Business Credit.
  • Swipe UB PCard for payment.

Wegmans for Business Account

  • If you do not already have a Wegmans for Business account, the process is simple:
  • Follow directions on the website. When creating your account be sure to check “This is a business or tax exempt organization” on “Please review or Complete your Profile.” 
  • For questions about completing the application please contact Trcia Kandler in Purchasing and Contract Services.


Account Setup

All orders must be processed through an account established by a PCard holder. Review the guidelines for internal controls related to the PCard holder’s intended use of the account:

Wegmans Accounts
Account Highlights Single User (Self) Multiple Users

User Name

UB-issued email address

UB department email


• Unique password (do not share)

• UBIT password should not be used

• Establish a department password to be shared with individuals responsible for ordering (documented on a list).


• UBIT password should not be used.

Online Shopping


Individuals on approved list



Must notify PCard holder to process payment

Payment Processing

PCard information stored in account

Must not store PCard information in account

Each cardholder is responsible for verifying all charges associated with the department’s specific account number. Only authorized purchases are permitted. Any employee who makes unauthorized purchases is subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

Always reference our Internal Controls site when establishing department procedures. 

Best Practices

  • When creating the password, do not use your UBIT password.
    • Consider changing your password yearly or when individuals leave the department.
  • Units where one PCard holder will be required to process payment for many users should consider:
    • Establishing a notification process between the users and the PCard holders.
    • Defining a time frame for ordering that allows the PCard holder a reasonable window to process payment.
    • Maintain separate and distinct shopping lists for simultaneous events.
  • Always plan ahead to avoid last minute purchases.
    • In situations where last minute purchases are unavoidable, identify a dedicated PCard holder to make in-store purchases.
  • Always include a cell phone number in the ordering process, this helps:
    • Provides real time updates on order status
    • Shopper will use the cell phone number to address availability issues of any ordered items.
    • Is helpful for delivery drivers who struggle to find specific buildings on our campuses.
  • Avoid delivery hassles with a few best practices:
    • Provide clear building location and address.
    • Establish a central delivery location for hard to find locations.
    • Always provide your cell phone number.

Contact an Expert

Tricia Kandler

Director of Facilities and Building Procurement

Purchasing and Contract Services

Phone: 716-645-4544

Email: tkandler@buffalo.edu