Janitorial Supplies

UB encourages you to buy cleaning and janitorial supplies for your building, office or department from sustainable businesses that provide environmentally preferable products.

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UB's Janitorial Supplies Partner

UB has a competitively priced university–wide contract with Corr Distributors, Inc. Corr is a New York State certified woman-owned business that offers quality janitorial equipment and supplies, such as paper towels, lab cleaning supplies and general purpose cleaning supplies with free delivery on most items. Corr offers discounted prices, even if you choose products that are not on the university-wide contract.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Ask the supplier for Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) sheets.

Purchase Methods

  • Procurement Card
    • Research Foundation PCard: up to $2,500 (use only if allowable on your grant)
    • State PCard: up to $4,999
  • Electronic Requisition (eReq)

Purchasing Off Contract

If your purchases are not on a university-wide contract, submit competitive price quotes, a sole source justification or a state or university price agreement with your eReq.

Supplier Information

Corr Distributors, Inc.


Contact an Expert

Tina Conrad

Purchasing and Contract Services

Phone: 716-645-2613

Email: tinaconr@buffalo.edu