Copiers and Multi-Functional Printers

You may purchase copiers or multi-function printers (MFP) through the SUNY preferred supplier, Toshiba America Business Solutions.

UB is queued up to participate in the SUNY Print Initiative (SPI) at a future date but is aligning with the SPI procurement process. 

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SUNY Print Initiative Models

Determine what type of machine will best fit your needs. Purchasing will provide a price quote for one of the following. 

HP E60615DN - Basic desktop model, used for low volume printing.

HP E62665H(S) - Model scans in color but prints in monochrome and has special features above regular desktop models, used for medium volume printing.

Toshiba ESTUDIO6525AC – Prints in color, fits 11”x 17” paper, and has many optional features, should be used for high volume printing.

Specialty Printers

Printers that meet requirements for specialty use will be exempt from the SPI. Documentation of special features for procurement record is required as well as UB threshold requirements. Please select a printer model that fits your needs and submit a non-catalog in ShopBlue, attaching your quote for Purchasing to review.

Examples of specialty printers are those used by the following areas/departments:

  • Print Shop
  • Athletics
  • Communications
  • Libraries 

When to Contact the Buyer

  • Size – You do not have enough physical space to fit the printer that meets your needs.
  • Finisher - You do not have enough physical space to fit the printer that meets your needs and you require special finishing features (i.e. Saddle Stitch Finisher or Stapler).
  • 11x17 - You do not have enough physical space to fit the printer that meets your needs and you require 11 x 17 paper.

Maintenance Coverage

With the purchase of your MFP, Toshiba will cover all labor, service calls, parts and toner.  Staples and paper are not included in this service.  Billing is based on your actual usage, the cost per copy and is billed quarterly in arrears. To pay the bills, you will create a standing order at the beginning of each fiscal year to cover a period of one fiscal year from July 1 to June 30.

How to Create Your Standing Order

1. Create a standing order using the standing order form in ShopBlue.

2. In the items section, include the dates of service, the device serial number, and the PO it is replacing from the prior fiscal year (if applicable), as shown in the example below.  The buyer will fill in the cost per copy (CPC) if necessary. (See image below)

3. When entering the amount of the standing order, make sure you plan for the entire fiscal year’s estimated usage to reduce the processing of multiple change orders during the fiscal year.  Any unused funds are liquidated at year’s end.  Use usage from the previous fiscal year as a guide. 

You must create a new standing order at the beginning of each fiscal year to cover maintenance.

Disposal and Cancellation of Maintenance

Your old machine will be recycled with our contracted recycler who will remove, wipe clean and shred the hard drive.  Complete and submit the Disposal of Equipment Form so that University Facilities will pick up your old machine.

Cancellation of Service

To cancel a maintenance coverage on an MFP follow the steps below:

  1. Print the machine’s configuration page that shows the page count and serial number
  2. Comment to the Buyer associated with the order requesting service cancellation and attach the configuration page
  3. Buyer will notify Toshiba to cancel coverage
  4. Toshiba will issue a final invoice
  5. Accounts Payable will close the PO after final payment has been made

Contact an Expert

Julie Lewek

Purchasing and Contract Services

Phone: 716-645-4568


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