Studio Portraits

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Faculty and staff should use our contracted supplier for their digital studio portrait photography needs, to receive best pricing and to ensure that the portraits meet university brand standards.

UB's Studio Portraits Partner

UB contracts with Heather Bellini. Ms. Bellini has worked with University Communications staff for guidance regarding quality and stylistic direction. Best practice is to use the contract supplier whenever possible. 

How to Order Studio Portraits

Faculty and staff in need of a professional portrait should book appointments directly with the supplier:

Heather Bellini

  • Cost is $125 per portrait session. There is a discounted rate of 55% off for sessions involving three or more separate portraits. Photography fees will be invoiced to you.
  • Individual portraits are taken at the portrait studio in Abbott Hall, South Campus.
  • Portrait sessions involving three or more subjects may be taken at an alternative location, as mutually agreed upon by the photographer and the client.
  • After the session, you will receive an edited Web gallery from which to select a final image. Final photos will be delivered electronically via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or email.

How to Pay for Studio Portraits

Photography fees will be invoiced to you.

  1. After you receive the invoice, create a eReq marked confirming received.
  2. Attach the invoice and any other supporting documentation.
  3. Reference the contract number T-000627.
  4. Submit the eReq for payment.

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