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Portrait studio

Faculty and staff in need of a professional portrait may book appointments directly with our contract photographer, Yves-Richard Blanc. Portrait sessions may take place at the portrait studio in Abbott Hall on the South Campus or at an alternative location mutually agreed upon by the photographer and the client.

After the session, you will receive an edited web gallery from which to select a final image.

  • Final photos will be delivered electronically via UB Box or email.
  • Photography fees will be invoiced to you or your department at a rate of $100 per portrait session.
  • A unit may arrange to have multiple portrait sessions on site at a rate of $150 per hour.
  • Departments should request a purchase order using the eReq system and reference contract T-000920. A purchase order should be in place prior to portraits being taken. After the final images have been delivered, you will receive an invoice. Invoices should be submitted to accounts payable for payment and reference the purchase order previously created for your order.

For more information contact:

Yves-Richard Blanc

Blanc Photographie

(716) 319-8979



Portrait Studio:
4th floor, 415 Abbott Hall 
South Campus

Portrait examples

Portrait studio example 1.
Portrait studio example 3.
Portrait studio example 2.
Portrait studio example 3.