Ordering Non-Catalog Items

You can add non-catalog items to your cart. Non-catalog items should be entered when a requisitioner cannot find the item needed from hosted or punch-out catalogs. 

How to Order Non-Catalog Items

Order Non-Catalog Items [1:14]

1. Select Non-Catalog Item

On the shopping homepage of ShopBlue, navigate to the Shop widget and select Non-Catalog Item (Figure 1).

2. Enter Supplier Name

In the search box, enter the appropriate supplier’s name. The supplier will appear in the dropdown once identified by the system. Click on the supplier’s name to select it (Figure 2).

Note: if the supplier does not appear in the dropdown, search and select New Supplier; the supplier will be added once the order reaches Procurement. See instructions for Adding a New Supplier.

3. Enter Product Description

Enter the item or service Description, Catalog Number (if applicable), Quantity, Price, and Packaging in the appropriate fields. If any of the applicable Product Flags apply, select the appropriate checkboxes (Figure 3).

4. Add Additional Items

When finished, if you need to add more items or services to the order, click Save And Add Another Line, then repeat step 3 (Figure 3).

5. When Finished, Click Save

Once all items or services have been added, click Save (Figure 3).

6. View Cart

The items or services will be added to your cart. Access your cart at the top of the ShopBlue homepage. To see a summary of your order, click View My Cart (Figure 4).

7. Proceed to Checkout

From your shopping cart, select Proceed to Checkout to go to checkout and begin entering a requisition (Figure 5).