Purchase From Punch-Out Suppliers

Punch-out catalogs are integrated external links to a supplier’s web-based catalog.

How to Purchase from Punch-Out Suppliers

Purchase From PunchOut Suppliers [1:43]

Replacing Punch-Out Orders

If you need to replace or reorder an existing Punch-Out order, create a new requisition through the Punch-Out catalog and do not copy existing carts. Contracted prices change, and copying an old requisition may result in incorrect pricing on your new requisition, which can result in delays or cancellation of orders.

1. Click a Punch-Out Supplier's Name

On the ShopBlue shopping homepage, go to the Showcases widget. Punch-Out suppliers will be indicated by a grey arrow box in the top right corner of the supplier’s logo (Figure 1). Select the desired supplier logo to access their web catalog.

Note: not all punch-out suppliers are shown in Figure 1.

2. Browse the Supplier's Catalog

Once you select the supplier’s logo, you will be directed to the supplier’s external web based catalog. When accessing a punch out supplier through ShopBlue, you are automatically authenticated to the supplier, so the supplier’s website knows which organization you are from and will show the appropriate products and pricing.

Note: To cancel a punch-out at any time, select the Cancel Punch Out button at the top of the screen (Figure 2). You will return to ShopBlue without submitting any products.

Keep Contract and Non-Contract Items Separate

A single ShopBlue cart cannot mix contract and non-contract items, so once back in ShopBlue, be sure to check that your cart only has one type of item.

3. Create Your Order

On the supplier’s punch out catalog, search for the desired products from the supplier’s catalog. Click to add the products to your cart (Figure 3).

Note: if the desired item shows as unavailable, cancel the punch-out order and enter it as a non-catalog order instead. See instructions for Ordering from a Non-Catalog Supplier.

4. Review and Submit Your Order

Once you’ve added all desired items to your cart on the punch out supplier’s catalog, click to submit your order (Figure 4).

Note: An order is not being placed with the supplier when checking out of their punch-out catalog. The purchasing process will continue once you return to ShopBlue.

5. Return to ShopBlue Shopping Cart

After you submit your order in the supplier’s punch out catalog, you will be automatically redirected back to your ShopBlue shopping cart. The products submitted in the punch out supplier’s shopping cart will appear in your ShopBlue shopping cart.

6. Proceed to Checkout

From your ShopBlue shopping cart, click Proceed to Checkout to begin entering a requisition (Figure 5). See instructions for Entering a Requisition.


  • All punch out suppliers will be listed in the showcase widget.
  • Punch out can be used with any funding source.

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