Offices of Record and Record Coordinators

Offices of Record and Record Coordinators

If your office is responsible for maintaining the original copy of a record, you are most likely the Office of Record for that document.
You must follow the appropriate record retention schedules.

Offices of Record
Record Category Office of Record Record Coordinator
Academic Affairs and Instruction Undergraduate Education
Academic Affairs and Instruction Graduate Education Graham Hammill
Academic Affairs and Instruction International Education Patricia Shyhalla
Affirmative Action Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Sharon Nolan-Weiss
Alumni and Development
Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement Kathy Stuber
Arts Program   Center for the Arts
Javier Bustillos
Jeremy Kersten
Athletics Associate AD for Operations Nate Wills
Budget Preparation
State budget data (Form 1), all budget requests and revisions, and RF indirect cost campus appropriation
Financial Management  Michelle McCartney
Budget Preparation
Unit budget requests and compact agreements between units and the university
Resource Planning  
Campus Dining and Shops
Campus Dining and Shops
Jeff Brady
Dental Health Sciences School of Dental Medicine Sarah Augustynek
Employee Relations Employee Relations
Bertha Hill
Equipment, Supplies Inventory, Motor Vehicle Management Procurement Valerie Dennis
Executive Records Office of the President
Stacie Hashem
Facilities Management University Facilities Matt Schery
Fiscal Operations:
Bank Transactions
Revenue and collections

Financial Management
Financial Management

Lance Mahalic
Carrie Hutchins
General Administration and Archives University Libraries
Amy Vilz
Sarah Pinard
Health Information Health Sciences Katie Beakman
Health Safety and Security Environment, Health and Safety Joe Raab
Information Technology Chief Information Officer  
Internal Control
Financial Management Carrie Woodrow
Library Operations
University Libraries Cherie Williams
Mail and Messenger Services Campus Services
Gary Stanton

Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) Procurement Dan Vivian
Museums and art galleries Center for the Arts
Payroll and Personnel Human Resources Bertha Hill
Contracts/Bid Files
Procurement Card
Purchasing Claims

Procurement Services
Procurement Services
Procurement Services
Procurement Services
Travel Services 

Barb Fecio
Angie Rzeszut
Angie Rzeszut
Bethany Scibetta
Meg Mitchell
Printing, copying services Print Services  
University Communications
Kathleen Manne
Public Information Requests University Communications
Policy, Compliance and Internal Controls
Kathleen Manne
Carrie Woodrow
Public Safety and Security   University Police Chris Bartolomei
Records Management Policy, Compliance and Internal Controls
Carrie Woodrow
Research Foundation Sponsored Projects Services
Grant Administrator 
School of Medicine
School of Medicine Katie Beakman
Student Accounts Parking and Transportation Chris Austin
Student Accounts SARFS
Shirley Walker
Student and Staff Housing
Campus Living  
Student Financial Aid
Financial Aid John Gottardy
Student Records Career Services  Arlene Kaukus
Bob Orrange
Student Records Counseling Center  Sharon Mitchell
Student Records  Disability Services Randy Borst
Student Records
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Sharon Nolan-Weiss
Student Records  Health Services  Susan Snyder
Student Records  Judicial Affairs  Liz Lidano
Student Records  Registrar Lynette Deponceau
Kara Saunders
Study Abroad transcripts Provost
International Education
Patricia Shyhalla
Telecommunications Management Chief Information Officer
Training Human Resources
Bertha Hill
University Audit Internal Audit
Kara Kearney-Saylor
Visa and foreign nationals
International Education
Patricia Shyhalla

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