north campus at sunset.

This Facilities Master Plan 2013 through 2023 has developed strategies that acknowledge the work of  UB's Top 25 Ambition and has as its starting point the goals and vision described in the “Building UB” comprehensive master plan. The university sees UB's Top 25 Ambition initiative as much more than a strategic planning process.

Closing Remarks

These strategic efforts are viewed as the reorienting of the 21st century public research university.

The Facilities Master Plan acknowledges UB’s established strengths and its future potential to align these strengths to build academic excellence and achieve significant academic prominence. It is respectful of the clear vision articulated by UB's Top 25 Ambition – and is responsive to its principles.

The Plan offers a balanced response to academic, public realm, infrastructure and student life needs:

  • Enabling strategic academic improvements and realignment.
  • Improving campus life.
  • Remedying space needs and building infrastructure deficiencies.
  • Maximizing the opportunity for renewal and renovation.

The Plan offers an ambitious list of projects to accomplish over the 2013 – 2023 planning period.

The schedule will depend on available funding, but the sequence and priorities have been established.

The pace of development on Downtown and North Campuses will also depend on Public/Private partnerships and marketable density.

In closing, the five documents that go to make up this Facilities Master Plan build upon each other and each provide unique information about this unique university. Together they provide a detailed analysis of the University at Buffalo – past, present and future.