Facilities Use Agreements

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Facilities Use Agreements are for the rental of UB space or facilities with Research Foundation funds for a time period of two years or less.


The following should be considered when determining the appropriateness of commercial use of university space and facilities:

• Potential impact to ongoing UB research or educational programs.

• Potential economic impact if the commercialization effort is successful.

• Potential for the non-UB entity to engage in commercialization of faculty research or use faculty expertise in their research and development plan.

• Potential for competition with local private companies that can provide equivalent space or facilities and services.

• Business plan prepared by the non-UB entity that includes relocation after termination of the Facilities Use Agreement.

• Compensation to the university for the commercial use of space and facilities.


  1. The requesting department, represented by the Facilities Planning Management Officer (FPMO) or space management officer, completes the Space Request Form and obtains all required departmental approvals.
  2. The FPMO forwards the approved Space Request Form to Real Estate and Property Management (REPM).
  3. REPM reviews the Space Request Form, and forwards an approved copy to FPMO, Procurement Services, Financial Management and UB's Office of Science, Technology Transfer, and Economic Outreach (STOR).
  4. REPM forwards the Facilities Use Agreement or Revocable Permit template for prior review and confirmation of terms and conditions.
  5. Procurement Services completes the Facilities Use Agreement including assigning it a contract number for tracking purposes and forwards to the non-UB entity for review, comment, and approval.
  6. After the Facilities Use Agreement is signed, notarized and returned by the non-UB entity, it is signed by Procurement Services.
  7. Procurement Services saves an original executed agreement for its file, forwards an original executed agreement to the non-UB entity and forwards copies of the executed agreement to REPM, FPMO, Financial Management and Facilities Planning and Design.
Revenue Deposits

Revenue must be deposited into a general university Research Foundation (RF) account.

Contact an Expert

Ronald H. Place, Jr.

Ronald H. Place, Jr.

Director, Real Estate and Property Management

672 Delaware Avenue, Carriage House

Phone: 716-645-5432

Email: rhplace@buffalo.edu

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