Occasional User Revocable Permits

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Occasional User Revocable Permits are used for the rental of UB space or facilities with state funds for thirty days or less. 


  1. The department must come to mutual agreement with the non-UB entity as to use of space or facilities and both the department and the non-UB entity must mutually consent to the terms and conditions
  2. Department completes two original copies of the Occasional User Revocable Permit
  3. Department executes the Occasional User Revocable Permit by ensuring that the department and the non-UB entity sign the Occasional User Revocable Permit, and forwards an executed original to the non-UB entity. The signatory on the Occasional User Revocable Permit must be an individual within the department who has been granted final approval rights in the university’s eReq system.
  4. Department is responsible for monitoring compliance with specific agreed upon requirements and is generally the office of record.
  5. Department forwards a copy of the signed Occasional User Revocable Permit to Procurement Services.
Revenue Deposits

Revenue must be deposited into a general university Income Fund Reimburseable (IFR) account.

Contact an Expert

Ronald H. Place, Jr.

Ronald H. Place, Jr.

Director, Real Estate and Property Management

672 Delaware Avenue, Carriage House

Phone: 716-645-5432

Email: rhplace@buffalo.edu

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