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SIRI (Strategic Information Reporting Initiative) is a single authoritative source of institutional information and an enterprise analysis and reporting application. SIRI informs the strategic, managerial, and operational analysis, reporting, decision making capabilities for the university community.

Getting SIRI Help

Help For Contact
Using SIRI SIRI Customer Support
Technical Help Getting IT Help From Your Department

Getting Help With Data

Help For Contact
Financial Data Valerie Dennis
Employee Data
Amanda Brown
Procurement Data Alison Meadows
Student Data Michael Korona

SIRI Mobile Application

Access to the SIRI mobile app is by request only. Send your request by email to SIRI Customer Support at The SIRI mobile app is available for use on Apple and Android devices. 


Known Issues

Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11

Compatibility View Settings

You need have your compatibility view settings correctly to view SIRI data. If you are experiencing difficulties with the navigation within SIRI verify that these setting are set correctly.

1. Select Tools from the menu bar at the top of the browser.
2. Select compatibity View Settings
3. Ensure that is in the bottom box (Website you've added to compatibity view. 
4. If is not in the bottom box click add button to add it.
5. Check all boxes at the bottom menu.  (1. Display all websites in compatibility view, etc.)
6. Click close

There are occasions when these settings will be reset such as:

     1. Upgraded browser

     2. New computer

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