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Campus Mail Services’ bulk mail operation is efficient and cost-effective for large mailings, such as invitations, newsletters or announcements.

Bulk Mail Definition

The term bulk mail refers to large quantities of mail prepared for mailing with a permit at reduced postage. United States Postal Service (USPS) regulations and size restrictions have changed over time and enforcement of these regulations has increased. As a result, bulk mailings are an area where departments can unknowingly waste money, potentially costing the university thousands of dollars per year. Campus Mail Services will help you save time and money with a bulk mail permit.

Bulk Mail Permits

A bulk mail permit is permission to use a certain postage payment method for bulk mailings. Campus Mail Services holds a permit, referred to as Permit 311, which allows departments to mail large mailings at standard or first class rates. The post office subtracts the postage from the university’s postage account and then Campus Mail Services will bill your department for the postage costs. Using Permit 311 can offer substantial postage savings to departments.

Permit 311 is appropriate for mailings of official university business when:

  • pieces of mail are identical in size and weight
  • there is a minimum of 200 pieces
  • there is a U.S. address typed or machine printed in the correct location
  • each piece bears your university return address

How to Submit Bulk Mail

USPS regulations require proper preparation of bulk mail through a certified mailing house. A mailing house is another way of referring to a company that takes your mail and properly prepares it for delivery. Using a vendor for your bulk mail is mandatory.

Using UB Print Services

UB Print Services is our preferred vendor for preparing your mail.

Using an External Vendor

  • The department must send the Campus Mail Services Request form and a copy of the mail piece to Campus Mail so that your account is charged.
  • The mailing vendor should fax to 716-645-3937 or email CampusMail@buffalo.edu the postal forms to Campus Mail, which will provide the necessary information to take your mailing to the post office.

Formats for Permit Imprints

Indicia (pronounced in-DEE-shuh) are imprints on each mail piece that signifiy that the postage has been prepaid. Indicia must contain specific information and be formatted in a certain way. All bulk mail needs to have a permit imprint indicia printed in the upper right-hand corner of the mail piece. Placement of indicia on the mail piece is handled by the vendor. Do not print indicia on your mail pieces.

Standard Mail

Standard mail is another term for bulk mail. The postage is less expensive but the delivery time is longer. For example, a 200-piece mailing using the standard bulk rate of $0.14 can cost about $28.00 and take about 10-14 days.

standard imprint.

Sample of standard mail imprint.

First Class Mail

USPS processes first class mail on a priority basis. The postage rate is higher than for standard mail, but the delivery time is shorter. Locally, first class delivery time is 1-2 days and about 4 days for national delivery. For example, a 200-piece mailing using the first class rate of $0.47 can cost about $94.00 and take about 1-4 business days.

first class imprint.

Sample of first class mail imprint.

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