Getting Started in Money Management

This Getting Started guide includes the resources and tools needed for successful money management.

Step 1: Request Authority to Access the Data

Identify and request access to relevant funding sources by consulting with your supervisor, dean or vice president.

Step 2: Request Access to Business Systems

Identify and request access to systems that will benefit you in performing your job duties by consulting with your supervisor, dean or vice president’s office.


SIRI is the tool that provides authoritative reports about state, Research Foundation (RF) and UB Foundation (UBF) data. The information is provided to you through the use of dashboards.  

Apply for SIRI Access

Access SIRI

RF Report Center

The RF Report center is an analytical tool allowing you to view data from the RF business system.  RF Report Center provides reports through dashboards. 

Apply for RF Report Center Access

Request access to the RF Report center by following the below two steps:

If you receive a "Policy ID is Invalid" error:

Refresh your browser.

Try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox if Internet Explorer does not respond. 

Access RF Report Center

Step 3: Identify your Unit Financial Liaison

Step 4: Learn About Managing Money at UB

Enrich your understanding:

Step 5. Learn About Financial Guidelines and Policies

Better understand the rules for conducting financial transactions by reading our guidelines and policies.

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