Managing Human Resources For My Unit

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Staffing Your Unit


We classify staff positions so we can post unique job opportunities that bring the best people to be a part of UB.


We have a responsibility to identify the best possible candidate who will have a positive impact on our university.


Providing a new employee tools and information is empowering and can lead to success.

Training and Development


Training promotes the growth of our staff for employee retention and succession planning goals.


See how employees paid through each of UBs funding sources access and manage their checks.

See the time sheet due dates and payroll distribution dates for each employee.

Find the resources that assist international students and scholars manage taxes.

Time and Attendance

See the time reporting responsibilities and procedures for each employee.

Be familiar with the opportunities and guidelines to support employees and their families.

Health and Safety

Learn the procedures for employees to report and receive benefits from injuries and accidents.  

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