Annual Resource Planning Process

Utilizing a strong Annual Resource Planning Process (ARPP) helps to support and expand UB’s world-class impact.  The ARPP provides a framework for us to review our financial capacity, evaluate our current activities and identify and assess potential areas for new investment that will continue to elevate the university.  

Launching the Process

View the Resource Planning Calendar

Phase 1 — Three-Year Plan Information Collection

Key Outcome: Share guidance based on the university’s financial position to assist units in providing their input and needs through the Three Year Plan workbook

Date Action Coordinating Unit
9/6 - 9/16 Provost and VPFA send memorandum on 2017-18 ARPP Calendar Resource Planning
9/30 Quarterly Unit 2016-17 Spending Plan Update Resource Planning, Financial Management
10/1 SUNY Budget Due to NYS SUNY
10/3 – 10/7 Resource Planning sends 2017-18 Three Year Plan information collection workbooks to units Resource Planning
10/3 - 10/31 Deans consulted on proposed 2017-18 Specialized Tuition Rates Resource Planning
10/14 University and Service Center Fee Requests due to Financial Services


10/31 University 2016-17 Enrollment & Tuition Update Resource Planning, OIA
11/1 Units submit Space Requests and Summer 2017 Small Scale Capital Rehab Requests to the Capital Planning Group via Cheryl Bailey Units, Capital Planning Group
11/1 Delivery of summer share of tuition revenue above base Resource Planning, OIA
11/30 - 12/7
Provost and VPFA send memorandum regarding 2017-18 Annual Resource Planning process to units. Resource Planning sends additional information including resource planning guiding principles, university goals, Broad Based Fees request, and planning parameters such as tuition, enrollment, fees and salary increases. Resource Planning
12/8 Deans/Vice Presidents/Chief Financial Officers Meeting on 2017-18 Annual Resource Planning Process and University Financial Plan Resource Planning
12/15 VPEM sends headcount enrollment data to Resource Planning VPEM, Resource Planning
12/30 Quarterly Unit 2016-17 Spending Plan Update Resource Planning, Financial Management
1/13 Units submit materials to Resource Analysts Units

Phase 2 — Analysis, Discussion and Decision-Making

Key Outcome: Gain a shared understanding of the unit’s position and needs so as to inform the Resource Planning decisions of Senior Leadership

1/16 – 3/3 Resource Planning analyzes unit input and projections and develops materials for unit budget discussions with a focus on Enrollment/Tuition, Investments/ Outcomes, Philanthropy, 2016/17 Operating Statement and Spending Plan, Carry Forward Spending Plan, Broad Based Fees, Research, Risks/Contingencies, and Faculty/Staff Resource Planning
2/6 – 2/10 Senior Leadership provides feedback to units about topics to include in unit presentations Resource Planning
2/13 - 2/24 Student Consultations for 2017-18 Broad Based Fees ULS
2/28 University 2016-17 Enrollment & Tuition Update Resource Planning,  OIA
3/6 - 3/10 Unit Resource Planning Meetings with President, Provost and VPFA Resource Planning
3/13 - 4/14

· Provost, in consultation with VPFA, review and prioritize Three Year Plan recommendations
· Provost and VPFA review Three Year Plan recommendations with President Tripathi
· Provost and VPFA prepare Investment Proposal Outcome Letters

Resource Planning
3/13 - 4/14
Provost submits SUNY Campus 2017-18 Enrollment Plan; VPFA submits Campus Revenue Projection VPEM, Resource Planning, Business Services
3/17 VPFA submits SUNY Broad Based Fee Request Resource Planning
3/31 Quarterly Unit 2016-17 Spending Plan Update Resource Planning,  Financial Management
4/1 NYS Budget is approved NY State

Phase 3 — Closure of Annual Resource Planning Process

Key Outcome: Confirm unit expectations and outcomes in order to finalize Three Year Plans and implement Resource Planning decisions

Date Action Coordinating Unit
5/1 Fee Requests submitted to SUNY if applicable Resource Planning
5/1 Financial Management provides an updated fee report to Resource Planning to be used in the Fee Certifications tabs Financial Management
5/1 Delivery of winter share of tuition revenue Resource Planning, OIA
5/1 – 5/31 SUNY and Board of Trustees approve 2017-18 Tuition and Fees SUNY
5/15 – 6/15 Units prepare and submit final budget information to Resource Planning for implementation. This includes the Fees Certification, Financial Plan Delivery Instructions and revised Faculty Hiring Plans. Units
5/15 Investment Proposal Outcome Letters sent to units Resource Planning
5/24 Deans/Vice Presidents/CFOs meeting on outcome of 2017-18 Process Resource Planning
6/15 Units confirm PI/department crediting on sponsored awards is correct to facilitate the accurate allocation of ICR funds in August Units, Sponsored Project Services
6/15 - 7/3 Internal Financial Plan closed to prepare for July 3 delivery Resource Planning, Financial Management
6/30 University 2016-17 Enrollment & Tuition Update

Resource Planning,  OIA

6/30 Quarterly Unit 2016-17 Spending Plan Update Resource Planning, Financial Management
7/3 2017-18 Investments delivered Resource Planning, Financial Management
7/3 Financial Management loads new fiscal year budgets in financial system Financial Management
7/14 Resource Planning updates Broad Based Fee totals in the Internal Financial Plan to reflect final actual revenue for the prior fiscal year Resource Planning
7/14 Units submit 2017-18 Spending Plan to Resource Planning Units
7/18 Financial Management delivers final actual Broad Based Fee revenue for the prior year Financial Management
8/1 Finalize 2017-18 Three Year Plans Resource Planning, Units
8/1 VPRED notifies Resource Planning that ICR shares are ready to be updated in the Internal Financial Plan VPRED
8/1 - 8/14 Financial Management submits 2017-18 SUNY Form 1-Campus Financial Plan Financial Management, Resource Planning
8/10 - 8/20 Financial Management rolls over carry forward balances Financial Management
8/15 2016-17 ICR delivered Resource Planning, Financial Management, VPRED

Receiving Materials

Resource Planning Workbook

The Resource Planning Workbook is the mechanism by which your unit submits projections and input regarding your plans for the next three years. Information requested via the workbook covers many aspects of your operations; the workbook is reviewed and modified each year, depending on the focus of that year's ARPP. A workbook customized to your unit will be sent to you via email in the fall in preparation for the launch of the ARPP. 

Resource Planning Guide

The Resource Planning Guide provides information regarding the Annual Resource Planning Process, including parameters, guidelines and other information that may be helpful for the preparation of materials for the current year's ARPP, general information related to year-round planning and updates to existing planning-related policies. The RP Guide will be sent to you via email and posted to the ARPP shared drive prior to the annual kick-off presentation, which takes place in early December.

Officially Launching the Process

December Launch Meeting

The ARPP officially begins with the annual kick-off presentation, held in early December. In this presentation, the provost and vice president for finance and administration will provide information relevant to the planning effort, including: 

  • State of the budget
  • New initiatives
  • Updates to the budget model, if applicable

Phase 1 — Information Collection

Find General Planning Resources

The following resources may be helpful as you begin the Annual Resource Planning Process.   

Develop Projections

Enrollment and Tuition Revenue


Projections of both proposals and expenditures are sought through the ARPP.  Historical proposal information can be found in the Proposal Summary Report on the SPS Online Report webpage.  Historical expenditure information can be found on the Research Expenditures tab of the SIRI ARPP Dashboard.   

Capital Space

Capital project requests are summarized in the RP workbook, but the requests must be submitted to the Capital Planning Group separately. The forms for Space Requests and Summer Space Rehab Requests are due to Capital Planning in mid-fall; see the RP Calendar for the due date. 


Endowment - Unfunds

The ARPP focuses on plans to make full use of endowments that are currently underutilized or unutilized.   

Faculty and Staff

Carry Forward and Spending Plan

Request Investments


Requests for central investment should demonstrate how they support the university's strategic priorities, which can be found in the Resource Planning Guide.  As funding to support proposed investments is limited, you should attempt to identify unit resources that could be utilized wherever possible.  You will be expected to include in the investment request an explanation of the resources that your unit will commit toward implementation of the proposal.   

Investment Requests

All investment proposals should be made through the ARPP process, in the RP workbook.  Each request listed in the summary tab of the workbook should be accompanied by a detail template tab; it is important to fill out the detail template in full in order to allow for proper consideration of your request.  In the rare instance that there is an emerging need between ARPP cycles, units can submit an Emerging Needs Request.  Please see the Resource Planning Guide or contact your Resource Analyst for more information. 

Enrollment Growth Proposals

Investment requests that involve enrollment growth should be accompanied by a pro forma that shows the expected revenues and costs related to the enrollment growth.  The pro forma should be submitted as a separate document along with your RP workbook.   

Complete the Workbook

Filling Out the Workbook

Complete all sections of the workbook, following the instructions on each tab.  Additional guidance about the information requested can be found in the Resource Planning Guide. Questions about information requested on specific tabs should be referred to the contact person listed on the individual tab. 

Requesting Target Changes

Requests to change any previously-established targets should be documented in the workbook, and should be accompanied by an explanation in the comments section of the tab. 

Submitting the Workbook

Submit the workbook via e-mail to the central address provided.  Your Resource Analyst should be copied on the message.   

Phase 2 — Analysis and Discussion

Prepare the Presentation

Receive Feedback

After reviewing your workbook submission, Resource Planning will provide you with suggestions for topics that should be included in your presentation to senior leadership.  You may also add your own topics or areas of focus to this list.   

Develop and Submit Presentation

Your presentation should be submitted at least one week prior to your scheduled unit meeting.  The presentation should focus on the specific areas of opportunity or concern.  It is important to keep in mind the amount of time available for the meeting and to leave ample time after the presentation to answer questions and engage in discussion. 

Meet with Senior Leaders

Unit Presentation

The unit meeting will begin with the presentation by your unit to senior leaders.  The president, provost, and vice president for finance and administration will have reviewed the submitted version of your presentation prior to the meeting, and may have questions or request clarification during the presentation.   

Shared Discussion

At the conclusion of the unit presentation, the unit representatives and senior leadership will have an opportunity to discuss the issues raised by the unit, as well as any areas of opportunity or concern identified by the president, provost, and vice president for finance and administration. 

Phase 3 — Closure

Make Final Three-Year Plan Updates

Receive Investment Outcomes

You will be notified of the final outcome of your investment proposals once all decisions have been made.

Update Three-Year Plans

Upon receiving notification of the outcomes of your investment proposals, you will have the opportunity to submit final budget information to Resource Planning for implementation. You should review and make necessary updates to your faculty hiring plans and fees certification, and should also include Financial Plan delivery instructions.

Develop Spending Plan

Develop the Spending Plan

Your spending plan should be based on the final outcomes of the planning discussions, memorialized in your three-year plan.  Information on developing your spending plan can be found in the Resource Planning Guide

Loading Spending Plan into SIRI

After you have submitted your spending plan, it will be loaded into SIRI for use in the quarterly update reports. 

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