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UB partners with Roswell / U of Rochester for Empire Discovery Institute (EDI)

The new institute will streamline efforts to turn groundbreaking drug research into viable treatments and medicines, bringing new companies and new jobs.

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Researchers Tell Stories

UB has innovative researchers who are passionate about their work and the university. Hear them talk about what sparks their imaginations, keeps them motivated and how they enjoy sharing with students and colleagues. Click on the still photos to hear more.

  • 6/4/18

    I learned that engaging in Research feeds the work I do in the classroom.

  • 4/11/17

    Throwing out nutrofils which student suggested I look at them, and that led to help in my study of Diabetes.

  • 4/11/17

    Air pollution so bad that government closed all manufacturing through seven provinces and removed more than half the cars from the road. Only during the Olympics. Created natural experiment.

  • 7/26/17

    I always wanted to become professor. Becoming a professor means you have to do research. I did that and I loved it.

  • 8/9/17

    Fascination with looking under a microscope, look at things at the atomic scale for myself.

  • 8/9/17

    Working with community team connecting folks with mental health and medical issues.  Researching the Impact of outcome and trust.

  • 6/4/18

    I edit primary material  from great authors from past ages including poets from Civil War era and Emily Dickinson’s works.

  • 8/9/17

    Design Communities so people have access to food.  Surprised that communities take care of themselves when traditional retail not ordinary.

  • 6/4/18

    Creating intricate yet light material.  Will  have industrial applications for aerospace, automobiles. Can save a lot of cost for example in transportation.

  • 4/11/17

    Assistant Professor of Chemical and Bio Engineering.  Research addresses environmental and energy challenges. Water Purification.

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