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close-up of test tubes with a dropper distilling a liquid

UB partners with Roswell / U of Rochester for Empire Discovery Institute (EDI)

The new institute will streamline efforts to turn groundbreaking drug research into viable treatments and medicines, bringing new companies and new jobs.

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Researchers Tell Stories

UB has innovative researchers who are passionate about their work and the university. Hear them talk about what sparks their imaginations, keeps them motivated and how they enjoy sharing with students and colleagues. Click on the still photos to hear more.

  • 4/11/17

    Asst. Professor, Dept of Pediatrics. Studying liver disease in collaboration with Womens and Childrens Hospital

  • 6/4/18

    A former student of mine who is now a professor of American History at Yale - doing research on Alexander Hamilton - tried to assure everyone that Alexander Hamilton was interesting.  Now she has to tell them he is not all that great as the Musical leads us to believe.

  • 4/11/17

    Professor of Biochemistry and Neurology, Research on Cells that make Mylin and how to repair mylin in disease.

  • 8/9/17

    Eric Block Chair of Materials and Innovation. Started this Department from Scratch.

  • 8/9/17

    Assistant Professor, Dept. of Medicine, Division of Nephrology.  Research Kidney Disease and how to halt its progression.

  • 4/11/17

    Friendly and supportive Department...and that is important for Research for exchange of ideas.

  • 8/9/17

    Study of atoms asking how does that impact how a bridge works, how a computer works.

  • 4/11/17

    Professor and Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Research area is Womens Health and Gynecology.

  • 4/11/17

    Able to grasp concepts and solve problems involved with algorithms pretty easily. Motivated by the community of researchers and how they operate together.

  • 7/26/17

    Research allows you to pursue your passion and as an added bonus, you get to travel the world.

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