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close-up of test tubes with a dropper distilling a liquid.

UB partners with Roswell / U of Rochester for Empire Discovery Institute (EDI)

The new institute will streamline efforts to turn groundbreaking drug research into viable treatments and medicines, bringing new companies and new jobs.

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Researchers Tell Stories

UB has innovative researchers who are passionate about their work and the university. Hear them talk about what sparks their imaginations, keeps them motivated and how they enjoy sharing with students and colleagues. Click on the still photos to hear more.

  • 6/4/18

    If you are running, this is a physical activity, one foot in front of other, moving. But running on a treadmill is physical activity without moving at all. This is the job of ontology.

  • 4/11/17

    Studied algae in ponds and streams in Forest Lawn and that clinched research for me.

  • 4/11/17

    Friendly and supportive Department...and that is important for Research for exchange of ideas.

  • 4/11/17

    SUNY Distinguished Professor, Microbiome Center. Area of research Periodontal Disease relative to diabetes and heart disease.

  • 4/11/17

    Dean and Distinguished Professor, School of Public Health and Health Professions

  • 8/9/17

    Be passionate and find area where you are interested in making a difference. Then find smaller sub area that gets your attention. Study involves long hours going over one thing. Need to be creative to change the way you look at something.

  • 6/4/18

    Wanted to leave industry and join a faculty to find and equate new knowledge that Challenged assumptions and to impact society and follow dreams.  UB offered that opportunity.

  • 6/4/18

    Students gone on to Film making, TV, Rabbi, Journalism. Value from my teaching is that they learned to write well, communicate effectively and to think sympathetically.

  • 4/11/17

    Interested in Something new, unclear to our common sense.

  • 4/11/17

    From China where we didn’t have snow.  Now my family spends time skiing.

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