Coordinating COVID-19 Research

The University at Buffalo is working hard to establish COVID-19 research in WNY hospitals and here at UB. In order to coordinate and streamline these efforts, please follow the guidelines below:

1) Please email the University at Buffalo Clinical Research Office for any information required, any leads for research studies and anything else related to COVID-19 research.

2) If you are proposing a COVID-19 research study, please use this link to provide some summary information. A CRO/CTSI review committee will assess scientific merit and assess how the CRO and CTSI may be able to provide assistance and support and get back to you within 72 hours.

Community Partners

There are many ways members of the public can participate in research, from focus groups to patient advocacy groups to volunteering in a clinical study. Participants report feeling more satisified with their health care and can potentialy gain access to new treatments avaialble only to research volunteers.

Upcoming Events