• About Us

    The CTSI K Scholar Program offers research mentoring, career and professional development, and funding to outstanding junior faculty and senior fellows transitioning to independent faculty positions.  

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  • Current and Alumni K Scholars

    Meet the current cohort of CTSI K Scholars and see K Scholar alumni from previous cohorts.

  • Workshop Series

    The CTSI Mentored Career Development Awards Program offers workshop series designed to prepare the next generation of clinical and translational researchers.

  • Community of Scholars

    A diverse and talented group of junior scientists interact and develop into outstanding, independent clinical and translational researchers. Activities include an ongoing seminar series, professional development and teaching/mentoring. 

The CTSI Mentored Career Development Award Program prepares the next generation of the best and brightest clinical and translational researchers to meet the healthcare and research needs of our communities, the region, and the nation. The program provides multi-faceted research training, mentoring, and development opportunities.