• About Us

    The CTSI research support team provides research facilitation, regulatory and recruitment assistance that is tailored to the needs of individual investigators and their studies. 

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  • Research Flow at UB

    Understand research flow at UB, from study development to dissemination.

  • Services and Resources

    Research facilitators, regulatory assistance personnel, and recruitment specialists assist in linking researchers with the right support services and resources for proposal development and project execution.

  • Training and Education

    The CTSI, in partnership with the Clinical Research Office, creates and shares educational content, holds instructional sessions, and connects investigators and research teams with useful resources.

The CTSI Clinical Research Facilitation team is located at the Clinical and Translational Research Center. Our team provides comprehensive research facilitation, regulatory and recruitment assistance as coordinated by the UB Clinical Research Office. We connect investigators to services and resources in order to plan a proposal and conduct a study – from start-up to closure to dissemination of results.